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The first guest appearance of the emerging musical collective took place in Moscow. The orchestra gave a very successful performance during Dmitri Kogan’s grand solo concert in the Pillar Hall of the House of the Unions. This event was later followed by a large regional project – Musical Dedication to the 160th Anniversary of the Samara Province – in which Volga Philharmonic participated by giving four concerts that received a great welcome from the audience.

In September the chamber orchestra went on a wide tour across cities of the Urals and in October its concerts were given within the framework of the International Days of High Music Festival in Samara.

The orchestra made another visit to the capital of Russia in December 2011 to play at the Grand Hall of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. In April 2012 Nikolai Petrov’s International Musical Kremlin Festival in its turn opened with yet another performance by the Volga Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra.

Over the relatively short period of its existence the orchestra has managed to win the hearts of the audience not only in Russian concert halls but also abroad: in June 2012 its performing artists were applauded by lovers of classical music in Lausanne (Switzerland). The Swiss audience duly appreciated the high level of the musicians’ performance giving them four encores.

Listeners have an opportunity to hear the chamber orchestra live. As many as three subscriptions to the Samara State Philharmonic Hall – VIP-subscription ‘Dmitri KOGAN presents…’, ‘Music for the Soul’, and ‘Evenings with Volga Philharmonic’ – allow the audience to hear the orchestra perform together with the most renowned musicians from Germany, Greece, Poland, Great Britain, Italy as well as Moscow, Kazan and Samara.

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Dmitri Kogan has been working on this exceptional cultural project since 2011. Five greatest musical instruments made by the legendary artisans of the past – Amati, Stradivari, Guarneri, Guadagnini and Vuillaume – unfold the inimitable beauty of their sound in maestro’s hands.


The International Musical Kremlin Festival was founded in 2000 by Nikolai Petrov – brilliant piano virtuoso, teacher, prominent public figure and Professor at the Moscow State Conservatory. The festival has been bearing the name of the untimely deceased musician since 2012.
The festival is held at its permanent venue, the Armoury Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin. Since April 2013 it has been chaired by Nikolai Petrov’s friend and student Dmitri Kogan.


The International Days of High Music Festival was founded by Dmitri Kogan in Vladivostok in 2004. Since then it has been held with great success on Sakhalin, in Khabarovsk, Chelyabinsk, and Samara. Prominent musicians and leading musical collectives are always welcome guests at Days of High Music.


The Volzhsky Church Music Festival was founded by Dmitri Kogan and Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk in Samara in 2012. This festival introduces its audience to the best samples of choral pieces and oratorios. A number of world premiers have taken place as part of its framework.


The Volga Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra was founded upon Dmitri KOGAN’s initiative in 2011.

Moscow Camerata Chamber Orchestra

The Moscow Camerata Chamber Orchestra was founded in late 1994 and has since then been acknowledged as one of Moscow’s leading musical collectives. In February 2014 Dmitri Kogan was appointed Artistic Director of the Moscow Camerata Chamber Orchestra.

Arctic Festival of Classic Music

Arctic Festival of Classic Music has been founded in 2014 by Dmitri Kogan and the Governor of Nenetz autonomy Igor Koshin. The main goal of the festival is to introduce the best of classic music and art to the audience of Far North of Russia. Festival is an annual event.

International Music Festival “Kogan – Festival”

International Music Festival “Kogan – Festival” has been established by Dmitri Kogan together with the Government of Yaroslav region and Valentina Tereshkova Foundation. The festive concerts are held in the main venues of Yaroslav and Yaroslav region. Dmitri Kogan presents to the audience the concerts with various content, including different streams and classic pieces – from authentic baroque to the latest compilation of music and modern technologies.

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